4 Tips to Remember When Hiring Security Companies Melbourne


Tips to Remember Before Hiring Security Companies in Melbourne

Check out the steps you can take and the things you need to consider when looking for a security company in Melbourne that fits your security needs.

1. Understand your needs

Do you require protection for your Melbourne office, property, or venue? Or do you require security to protect your event? First, you must understand that different security needs require different types of guards. There are different types of security guards, each with its own set of skills. For example, event security guards are not necessarily suitable for other positions, such as retail security or customer service, if they have not had the relevant training or skills. Knowing this will allow you to be more cautious when searching for the most suitable security services for you.

2. Check Licence and Certifications

Put safety first when looking for security services that fit your needs. Ensure that the security guards who are supposed to protect you won’t become a safety risk. An easy way to do that is by looking for a security company with a Victorian security business license.

Victorian licensed security companies are the safer option. They follow Victorian regulations to recruit professional security personnel with valid security licenses. They will assign guards based on their qualifications. For example, a guard for site security must have at least a Certificate II in Security Operations. A guard for strata security must usually have a Working with Children Check, and so forth.

Then, if you require security for your company or business, look for a security company with standardized service quality. Check, for example, whether their management system is ISO certified. ISO certification signifies the company’s compliance with quality management systems and safety procedures and operates following industry best practices.

3. Check on Experience and Reputation

Security companies with experience and a strong reputation are more reliable with proven track records. They can assist you in implementing best practices in identifying security risks through an efficient security plan, such as determining how many guards are needed, where they should be stationed, what their responsibilities are, and so on.

Checking a security company’s portfolio will tell you whether they are experienced or not. Find out how many of their customers have security needs that are similar to yours. Then, what kind of services have they provided these clients? Lastly, look at what their past clients have said about them.

4. Guards’ Appearance and Performance

There are times when security guards are not only expected to maintain security and order, but also to have a professional attitude, a good appearance, and good communication skills because they are the first people that customers or guests see. One example is security guards who work at formal events or are positioned in places like offices, apartment buildings, hospitals, etc., where they also serve as customer service.

If you need this kind of security service, make sure the security company you choose has high standards for guards’ appearance and performance. Make sure the security guards who will be working for you wear a properly equipped uniform, look neat and clean, and be alert on the job. This is because a professional attitude and appearance instils trust in others and deters offenders, allowing you to achieve your security goals.

Professional Security Services Melbourne

ICorp Security is one of the Melbourne security companies you can rely on to meet your security needs. ICorp provides physical security services for a variety of functions as well as electronic security services as modern solutions.

ICorp Security is licensed to operate in Victoria and other states in Australia as well as New Zealand. All the guards have the necessary individual licenses and qualifications to perform their duties. ICorp’s quality management system, environmental management system, and occupational health and safety management system have all received ISO accreditation.

ICorp Security, being an event-focused business, has a diverse event security management portfolio, ranging from large-scale events attended by 50,000 people a day to private events with fewer than 100 guests. ICorp’s clients include city councils, event organizers of all sizes, businesses, and individuals. In addition, ICorp also has a solid reputation as a retail and residential security services provider.

ICorp’s security guards range in age, ethnicity, and physical appearance. They are all trained to perform professionally in their positions. With 750 active guards located around Australia and New Zealand, with the majority based in Melbourne, ICorp Security is always ready for immediate deployment.

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