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Thanks again for the weekend. Great staff!!

-Clarissa C

| just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that Iftikhar did a great job on
Saturday night. He was very courteous and careful with making sure he had the
correct details. A big thanks to Iftikhar for his help on the night!

- Tania T

| wanted to let you know that Reza did a wonderful job last night and we’d gladly
have him work again at any WEHI events. He was really professional, proactive and
even helped me pack down and tidy up. Very much appreciated. Please pass on my

— Jodie H

Thank you so much for everything — the team were amazing and so so helpful and
fantastic — will definitely be re-utilising your services.

- VIC Labor

Our Family Day Event last Saturday was a huge success, we had so much positive
feedback from clients and sponsors! This couldn’t have happened without your team
amazing contribution. Please allow us to thank you sincerely and please know how
much we appreciated everything, especially when the weather was not ideal. We
look forward to working with you in the future and you will be sure to be our first
choice when it comes to event planning! Please send us a link if you need us to leave
a google review for you, and we are happy to do so.

— Karyn H

Hi Team, just wanted to let you know Mohammad was extremely professional and
thorough. It was a pleasure to have him at Hoyt St.

—Jane M

Just want to send a quick message — we had two guards here on Friday night and
they were absolutely amazing!! They were extremely friendly and caring to our
guests (and staff) and took a real interest in their jobs. As you can imagine, the
guards are the first contact our guests have at the hotel and it is so important they
create a great first impression and the feedback received from our guests was just
how good they were. Please pass on our thank you to them and if possible we would
love to have them here for all our events!

— Thomas R

Thanks for the quick communication too it's nice to deal with such a responsive
professional company

- Michael S

Our security guard was very friendly and approachable and was fantastic with our
young attendees which made our event a lot smoother

-Molly J

“I just want to say | was very pleased with Rezza, the security guard at my event. He
was absolutely lovely, went above and beyond, and even all the guests had very nice
things to say to him. Please let him know | was very happy, and pass it on to your

management too!”

- Dela L


Collaborative and Proactive Approach

we adopt a collaborative and proactive approach to relationship management, which
involves regular communication, engagement, and consultation with our clients and
stakeholders. We strive to be responsive, open, and transparent in our dealings, and we
actively seek feedback and input from all parties to ensure that we are able to continually
improve our services and address any concerns or issues that arise.

Modern Technology Solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of security, ICorp Security stands out as a trailblazer,
harnessing modern technology to redefine security services. We go beyond traditional
approaches, seamlessly integrating advanced technology solutions and smart apps into our
strategy, ensuring complete and future-proof security. Our commitment to technology not
only safeguards our clients but also propels us into a new era of security excellence..

Direct Recruitment

ICorp Security follows the ‘Direct Model’ in service delivery, recruiting personnel directly and
never subcontracting. Our 24/7 National Operations Centre (NOC) oversees guard rostering,
administration, incident management, and escalations, ensuring a hands-on approach. We
maintain open lines of communication, granting direct access to our Executive Managementteam for swift response to urgent matters.

Security Guard


Events Portfolio

Our experience in event security has seen us servicing major events for various clients.

We are the incumbent service provider for Melbourne Royal Show and the Melbourne Showgrounds, deploying over 120 guards daily during the Show.

We showcased our People Counting Solutions to keep track of the flow and peak visits in real time to enable us to efficiently and effectively manage our deployment of guards.

We are also the incumbent service provider for the security management of all home games of the Collingwood Football Club, deploying around 50- 70 guards per game to cover various roles.

Additionally, we are also in partnership with the Southern Football Netball League (SFNL), securing their games during the season across 6 venues in the Southern suburbs.

ICORP works with various communities across Victoria to secure their major events. Since 2019 we have been working with the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to secure the annual Italian Festa held at Carlton Gardens which usually saw an attendance in excess of 50,000 visitors throughout the day.

In early 2023, we assisted the Asian Business Association of Whitehorse Inc (ABAW) with the security planning and management of the Golden Age 2023 Whitehorse Lunar New Year Festival, which drew over 120,000 visitors throughout the day. Our core Events Team worked with ABAW to prepare a comprehensive deployment plan which includes VIP protection of around 80 VIPs/VVIPs/SVIPs including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, Premier Daniel Andrews, along many others.

We have been involved in other notable events such as the EF100 Open Day for the 100th
anniversary of Essendon Fields Airport, the annual Ballarat Road Nationals, Go Fish
Nagambie, the Great Outdoor & 4×4 Expo, Yarraville Festival, Mulgrave Cricket Club,
Inflatable Regatta, Reservoir Stomp, Sounds of Africa,
and many others.

In 2022, ICORP was engaged by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) to manage the security of
Premier Daniel Andrews during his engagements with various communities across

Today, ICORP is the incumbent/preferred security services provider for various events held
by a number of City and Regional Councils, including Whitehorse City Council, Moonee
Valley City Council, Banyule City Council, City of Greater Dandenong, City of Kingston,
Maribyrnong City Council, Merri-bek City Council and Ararat Regional Council.

We are committed to working closely with our clients and actively engage with all
stakeholders to plan and deliver a safe event with detailed planning, continuous reviews
of the operational and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) management, and close monitoring of the overall WHS target of the events and venues.


Event Security

Having event security guards  ensures a safe and  secure environment.

Trained security personnel contribute to the smooth flow of events, deterring potential disruptions and ensuring the overall success of the occasion, with responsibilities ranging from access control to emergency response.

Crowd Control

When planning a big event, it's a good idea to hire crowd controllers to keep everyone safe and under control.

To make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a good time, crowd controllers are essential for controlling the flow of people, avoiding congestion, and quickly addressing any problems that may arise.

Traffic Control

Traffic controllers are required for large-scale events to ensure efficient traffic management and a smooth flow of motor vehicles.

These professionals are critical in managing traffic flows, optimising parking areas, and minimising congestion, all of which contribute to an organised and hassle-free experience for both participants and guests.

VIP Security

VIP security is essential at major events to protect high-profile guests and ensure a smooth experience.

VIP security officers provide close personal protection, manage access control, and address possible security concerns discreetly, boosting the event's overall safety and prestige.

Asset Protection

It is essential to hire asset protection guards for large events to ensure the safety of valuable equipment, merchandise, and other precious assets.

Protecting event assets from theft and letting organisers concentrate on providing a great experience for attendees are two of the most important roles that these guards play.

Smart Technology Solutions

For event organisers staging huge crowds, smart technology solutions for queue management, crowd detection, and people counting are critical.

These innovative tools improve efficiency by optimising wait times, offering real-time insights into crowd dynamics, and accurately calculating attendance, allowing for proactive event management and a more streamlined experience for participants.


Each ICORP guard is provided with an android phone that comes loaded with the following features in order to carry out their duties:

Push To Talk (PTT)

PTT has enabled security  personnel to completely
replace walkie-talkies as the
preferred method of direct 
communication. The guards
may interact with each other
and their superiors through
predetermined channels, and
the superiors can keep tabs
on the channels, make
adjustments as needed, and
even activate emergency
channels to call for all of the
guards at once.


ICorp Security has mature
digital infrastructure and
systems which underpin our
reliable and compliant
service delivery. This system is
called TrackTik. AS a modern
and progressive   security 
provider, we monitor our
security operations through
this one central platform,
allowing our team to quickly
identify, locate and respond
to any risks onsite.


ICORP uses this technology to track patrols and verify checkpoints. During their patrols, our
guards use their NFC-enabled devices to scan the NFC tags set at specific checkpoints. The
tags can be configured to record the time, date, and security guard's identity, providing an
electronic log of patrols. This way we can tracks and records patrols digitally and investigate
guards’ performance data.


ICORP has developed our own web-based Learning Management System (ICORP LMS portal)
which features an extensive library of modules which are assigned to all staff working at an ICORP Site to suit each site’s specific requirements.






The challenge of the site lies on its public location, with the main venue sited on busy roads. We assisted with access control and asset management of the automotive collections displayed at several locations on the closed roads. We also planned the VIP/stage entry/exit and other licensed areas. Some vendor booths also required additional asset protection. During last year’s event, we also had to ramp up the management of gate entries by allocating COVID Marshals to check on patrons’ vaccination status. ICorp also assisted the organisers with the ticketing management to manage the density limits throughout the day.

The 305-hectare site posed a high level of security risks for the family-friendly event, particularly with traffic management. With an audience of over 25,000 people, the organisers had to devise several plans for the parking management, which involved diverting traffic to various allocated areas depending on the load throughout the day. We also assisted with access control management of restricted aviation areas, as well as asset protection for the multi-million dollars’ worth of aircraft and classic cars on display.

Don't leave event security to chance. Secure your next event with ICORP Security.

AI-based Smart Security Applications, paired with professional services, compliment our operation, increasing productivity and providing clients with more meaningful and responsive insights.
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