Mobile Patrol & Emergency Response

Services we offer

For the safety of our personnel, our patrol vehicles are tracked in real time ensuring your premises are properly checked each time.
While conducting the patrol, our team will check for signs of suspicious activities including trespassing and vandalism and remove them from the site.
Combining alarm response assistance with our Mobile Patrol Services, we can offer you better protection for your property.
In the event of an emergency, our team will assist to ensure all stakeholders have safely left the premises
To assist with your intermittent security needs, our mobile patrol team can assist to provide an escort for staff when leaving the building, or to respond to a specific security threat.
In the absence of staff, our Mobile Patrol team can assist with your intermittent security needs to safely lock and unlock the premises.

Emergency Response Unit

Contactable 24 hours a day 365 days a year, ICorp’s Emergency Response Units are prepared to respond within minutes to clients’ site when unusual occurrences take place. Upon receiving emergency incident reporting, the Unit coordinate to provide immediate response to the site. While managing the emergency on site, our team will ensure all relevant information is recorded and reported to the designated parties. Equipped with a live incident reporting system, our guards are able to properly document the necessary details accurately.