Case Study

A High-End Compound of Serviced Apartments in the Heart of the City.

The client is a large compound of high-end serviced apartments in the City comprising several high-rise buildings, some of which are heritage-listed.

ICorp provides tailored security services for the site which include on-site security, customer services, after-hours contact for building-related issues or concerns for escalation, incident response and emergency response services. The coverage is for afternoon & night shifts, 7 days a week.

Prior to commencing our services, the property had many issues with public disorder which includes onsite vandalism, trespassing activities and numerous mail thefts, among others.

Working with the building management team and all relevant stakeholders, we were able to implement stricter security measures and site-specific strategies to minimise incidents and public disturbance, improve incident reporting time, and raise the security presence.

Matt and Jesse are continuing to impress not just us, but the chairperson of the committee and another resident who said it was the best service he had received in 14 years