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Thanks again for the weekend. Great staff!!

-Clarissa C

| just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that Iftikhar did a great job on Saturday night. He was very courteous and careful with making sure he had the correct details. A big thanks to Iftikhar for his help on the night!

- Tania T

| wanted to let you know that Reza did a wonderful job last night and we’d gladly have him work again at any WEHI events. He was really professional, proactive and even helped me pack down and tidy up. Very much appreciated. Please pass on my thanks.

— Jodie H

Thank you so much for everything — the team were amazing and so so helpful and fantastic — will definitely be re-utilising your services.

- VIC Labor


Unparalleled Expertise in Event Security Management

Our team of highly trained event security specialists are experienced in all areas of event security management. With our best event security planning and execution,  we ensure the safety and security of your event while enhancing the experience for all attendees.

Harnessing Smart Technology for Enhanced Event Security Operations

We integrate advanced technology solutions to enhance our event security services. From AI sensors for crowd monitoring to NFC live tracking for real-time coordination, we leverage innovative tools to detect and mitigate potential security risks effectively. Our event security officers are trained to utilise these tools to enhance their performance, improve productivity and deliver best event security services.

Streamlined Event Security Operations, Enhanced Productivity

By implementing efficient event security protocols, we reduce manpower requirements without compromising on safety. This not only optimises resources but also allows your team to focus on delivering an exceptional event experience while we deliver the best event security solutions.

Seamless Traffic Flow, Elevated Customer Satisfaction

With our expertise in reducing congestion and managing entry points, we ensure a smooth flow of attendees, enhancing their overall satisfaction. By creating a hassle-free experience through our efficient event security management, we leave a lasting impression on your guests, encouraging repeat attendance and positive word-of-mouth.

Facilitating Attendee Growth, Fostering Success

Through our effective event security measures and crowd control strategies, we facilitate the smooth influx of attendees, contributing to the accelerated growth and success of your event. With ICORP Security as your trusted Event Security partner, you can host events with confidence, knowing that safety and excellence are our top priorities.

Commitment to Safety and Excellence

At ICORP Security, we prioritise safety and excellence in every event we undertake. We work closely with our clients and stakeholders, conducting detailed event security planning, continuous reviews, and close monitoring of WHS targets to ensure the success of every event.

Explore Our Event Security Portfolio

Our extensive experience in event security operations has positioned us as the trusted choice among event security companies for major events, corporate event security and public gatherings across Victoria. Here’s a glimpse into our impressive portfolio in event security services:

Melbourne Royal Show – Event Security Melbourne

As the incumbent security service provider for the Melbourne Royal Show and Melbourne Showgrounds, ICORP Security deploys over 120 event security guards daily during the Show. Our event security guard services include the implementation of advanced People Counting Solutions to monitor visitors flow and peak visits in real-time, ensuring efficient deployment of event security guards for maximum effectiveness.

St Kilda Festival – RSA Security Guard for Events

During the highly anticipated St Kilda Festival 2024, ICORP Security deployed over 50 RSA security guards as part of our event security services Melbourne. Our team of trained RSA security guards, stationed at Liquid Infusion’s pop-up bars, demonstrated exceptional skills in enforcing responsible service of alcohol regulations while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere.

Queenscliff Music Festival – Event Security Victoria

As a trusted event security company in Melbourne, ICORP successfully managed the event security operations of the Queenscliff Music Festival, handling tasks ranging from bump in/out management to gate/entry management, access control, RSA Security, corporate event security, roving security, and more. Our comprehensive security guard services for events ensured the smooth execution of the event’s security requirements.

Councils Engagement – Event Security Victoria

We take pride in providing our best event security services to various city and regional councils across Victoria, safeguarding their events and festivals. ICORP Security is an approved event security service provider for the City of Melbourne’s Premier Events. We are also the preferred security company in Melbourne for numerous events held by other councils such as Whitehorse, Moonee Valley, Banyule, Kingston, Yarra, Maribyrnong, Nillumbik, Greater Dandenong, Merri-bek, and Ararat, aiming to be the best event security company to work with.

Community Engagement – Event Security Victoria

From securing the annual Italian Festa to assisting the Asian Business Association of Whitehorse with their annual Lunar New Year Festival, our event security team has been actively involved in ensuring the safety and success of countless community events including Essendon Fields’ EF100 Open Day, Yarraville Festival, Reggae Fest Geelong, Sounds of Africa and many more.

Sporting Communities – Event Security Specialists

ICORP Security is the incumbent event security service provider for Collingwood Football Club’s home games, deploying 50-70 event security guards per game across various roles. Additionally, we partner with the Southern Football Netball League (SFNL) to provide our event security services to secure the season’s games held across multiple venues in the Southern suburbs. ICORP Security is also the preferred event security company for other sporting events such as the Ballarat Road Nationals, Go Fish Nagambie, Inflatable Regatta and many more.

We are committed to working closely with our clients and actively engage with allstakeholders to plan and deliver a safe event with detailed planning, continuous reviewsof the operational and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) management, and close monitoring of the overall WHS target of the events and venues.

Health Sector
Educational Institutions & Governments
Retail and loss prevention supermarkets
Commercial Real Estate & Corporate environments
Industrial and Resourcing Gatehouses & Transportation and logistics warehouses

Explore Our Diverse Range of Event Security Services

Ensure the safety and security of your event with our experienced event security guards. From access control to emergency response, our highly-trained event security officers in Melbourne play a vital role in maintaining order and safeguarding all stakeholders, ensuring the overall success of your event.

Count on our trained security guards to create a safe and secure environment for your event. With their expertise, they ensure smooth operations, deter disruptions, and guarantee the success of your occasion. From access control to emergency response, they’ve got you covered!

Keep your event safe and enjoyable with our expert Crowd Controllers. As event security specialists, our Crowd Control team ensures a smooth security operation at your event by managing the flow of people and by preventing congestion. For your next event security hire, count on us to tackle any challenges with ease, guaranteeing everyone a memorable and seamless event experience!

Rely on our expertevent security guardsfor seamless access control management at your event venues. As your go-to for event security Melbourne, we handle everything from gate entries to contractor coordination, accreditation checks, and bag inspections. For your next event security hire, our event security guards ensure thorough access control with the greatest efficiency. Leveraging smart technologies like AI sensors with features such as people counting, crowd detection, intrusion detection, and blacklisted person recognition, we ensure a secure environment, keeping your event safe from unauthorised entries and potential security threats.

Traffic Control

Count on our trained RSA Security Officers to oversee the safe and responsible service of alcohol at your event. With a keen focus on enforcing regulations and maintaining a secure environment, our RSA Security Officers play a crucial role in ensuring safety. When you hire security guards for event needs, our event security guard services seamlessly integrate into your overall security operations. Our RSA Security Officers work alongside our experienced event security team to uphold compliance, protect patrons, and deliver a memorable experience for all.

ICORP VIP security at Italian Festa

Elevate the safety and prestige of your event with our VIP Security Officers. From conducting close personal protection to discreetly addressing security concerns, our professional event security guards ensure the safety of your high-profile guests, performers, umpires, coaches, or players, enhancing the overall experience for everyone in attendance. As Melbourne’s best event security company, we deliver top-notch event security services tailored to your event needs.

Ensure the safety of valuable assets at your event with our asset protection guards as part of our comprehensive event security services. From valuable equipment to merchandise, our Asset Protection security guards are highly trained to provide a deterrent against theft, vandalism, or trespass, both at bump in/out and throughout the event, allowing you to focus on delivering an exceptional eventexperience for your customers.

We offer security-licenced guards who are also certified Traffic Controllers. For large-scale events, theseevent security guardsplay a crucial role in managing traffic flows, directing pedestrians, and optimising parking areas. By minimising congestion and ensuring efficient traffic management, our Traffic Control guards contribute to an organised and stress-free experience for participants, contractors, and attendees. Our event security services Melbourne ensure that all aspects of your event run smoothly and securely.


Optimise your event security management with our smart technology solutions, including crowd detection, queue management, and people-counting AI sensors. As an event security specialist, we have the technology that can provide you with real-time insights into crowd dynamics and attendance, streamlining your event security operations and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Enhancing Event Security Operations with Our Smart Devices

Push To Talk (PTT) Technology:

Revolutionising communication for our team of experienced event security guards, ICORP’s Push To Talk (PTT) technology replaces traditional walkie-talkies as the primary mode of direct communication. Our Event Security Guards can interact via predetermined channels, while our Event Security Supervisors can monitor channels, make necessary adjustments, and activate emergency channels for instant communication with all our event security guards.

Guardhouse Platform:

At ICORP Security, our reliable and compliant service delivery is supported by our advanced digital infrastructure and systems, known as Guardhouse. This modern platform centralises our event security operations, enabling our event security team to swiftly identify, locate, and respond to onsite risks, ensuring a proactive approach to the management of our event security operations.

NFC Verification:

Aiming to be the best event security company in Melbourne, we utilise NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to live track our roving guards with location verification. During security patrols, our roving security guards use NFC-enabled devices to scan at designated checkpoints, capturing essential data such as time, date, and guard identity. This digital log ensures accurate patrol tracking and allows for thorough performance analysis.

Learning Management System (LMS):

To enhance staff training and development, ICORP has developed a comprehensive web-based Learning Management System (ICORP LMS portal). This platform offers an extensive library of modules tailored to each site's specific requirements, ensuring that all security guards receive relevant and up-to-date training to excel in their roles. The platform is also used to assign site specific inductions such as emergency procedures and event security plans.

Our Certifications

As part of our commitment to consistently provide quality services,

ICORP Security puts a priority to the continuous improvement of our systems and processes.

Our Memberships

Event Security Case Studies:

Melbourne Italian Festa 2022 in Carlton Garden
Event Security Solutions for a Public Venue

At the bustling Melbourne Italian Festa 2022, held in the public setting of Carlton Garden after two years of absence due to the pandemic, ICORP Security tackled the challenge of managing access and assets amidst busy roads. Our team implemented efficient access control measures and managed asset protection for the automotive collections displayed across several locations on closed roads. Additionally, we meticulously planned VIP/stage entry/exit points and other licensed areas, ensuring a smooth event security operation.

EF100 Open Day Event in Essendon Fields Airport
Event Security Solutions for an Aviation Environment

For the expansive EF100 Open Day event at Essendon Fields Airport, spanning 305 hectares, ICORP Security addressed significant security risks, including in traffic management. With an audience exceeding 25,000 attendees, our event security team devised comprehensive parking management plans to accommodate varying traffic loads throughout the day by deploying our team of Traffic Controllers. We also managed access control for restricted aviation areas and provided asset protection for the valuable aircraft and classic cars on display, ensuring the safety and security of both attendees and assets throughout the event.

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