24/7 National Operations Centre (NOC)

Our Melbourne-based National Operations Centre is operating 24/7 to provide immediate assistance to all sites. Equipped with the award-winning Securecy software, our NOC also manages all roster coverage and activates immediate responses when required.

A range of tools and software is utilised to maximise the best options for guards deployment and roster management, promoting on time attendance. The NOC is also equipped with the necessary tools to manage the escalation points for any incidents that occur.

Through a centralised system, the NOC is able to organize guards rostering and administration management including licensing and compliance checks.

The 24/7 NOC is also on standby to manage after hours calls as an additional service provided upon request from the client. This is especially useful for any properties or premises unmanned after the close of business hours to create a sound presence and to quickly deal with any emergencies.

The NOC acts as a central hub of connectivity and will liaise with the Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance services to provide immediate assistance in the case of an emergency on site.