Asset and Personal Protection

Asset and Personal Protection in Victoria

If you have valuable assets in your personal or business arena, it makes good sense to ensure that you take adequate measures to protect them. ICorp Security are experienced at providing asset and personal protection services to our corporate, government and individual clients.

Part of an effective asset protection strategy is understanding the specific security requirements of each site including its potential risks and threats. Our security plans are based on a thorough site risk and threat assessment. We will conduct audits of your assets, compliance and current safety situation to ensure we provide the optimal protection for assets.

Assets mean different things to different people. Our security team have extensive experience protecting a wide variety of assets including possessions, equipment, infrastructure, plant, buildings, land, trade secrets, employees, customers, data and more.

ICorp Security are providing protection services in a variety of situations including (but not limited to): gated communities, events, construction sites, factories, luxury homes and superyachts. This means we are well equipped to help you to manage potential liabilities and risks at your next event, workplace or at home.

Asset protection can be as simple as an event security guard locking up the generator at a festival, or as complex as the developing a complete asset security plan for a huge warehouse or construction site. Asset protection is a good way to supplement insurance (but should not be used as a replacement).

Business asset protection can help make your business or government more profitable and efficient by:

  • Reducing business and employee down times.
  • Protecting infrastructure.
  • Reducing vandalism to business property
  • Protecting your assets from theft.
  • Reducing your insurance premiums due to reduced risks and insurance claims

Mobile Security Patrols

ICorp Security’s vehicle based Mobile Patrol Services are a cost-effective security solution that can be tailored to suit a wide range of security applications. We can work with you to determine an effective patrol schedule with the appropriate level of detail for your site.

A basic mobile patrol will check your property perimeters for signs of damage or un-authorised entry. A high security detail will enter your premises and undertake a detailed inspection. Your Mobile Patrol will conduct checks at prearranged times and leave stickers and calling cards in visible areas around your site to discourage potential vandals, intruders and thieves.

Our mobile patrols are made up of small groups of vehicle based fully licensed security guards. They have the tools and training needed to respond fast and effectively to potential security threats. Our Mobile Patrols constantly communicate information and updates to our clients in real time.

Key areas of service for our mobile patrol teams are:

  • Construction sites.
  • Industrial premises including warehouses and factories.
  • Schools
  • Businesses, Shopping Malls, Commercial premises
  • Public Areas
  • Parks, grounds and carparks

Canine Protection Services

Canine Security Patrol are a more effective solution for high risk sites with more complex security requirements. 

Our canine security patrols can cover larger areas more efficiently and alert guards to potential intruders before they enter your premises. If you have a large facility that is often vacant overnight, then we recommend utilising our guard dog security service as an effective deterrent to intruders.

Convoy Protection

We provide an exceptional level of operational planning to ensure your assets get from A to B in securely. Our team are experts at paying attention to all the small details to provide the high level of focus required to securely transport your assets. ICorp Security are highly experienced at collecting, handling and delivering assets of all shapes and sizes for our corporate, government and domestic clients.

Office Buildings and Gatehouse

Protect your offices and industrial sites with our dedicated gatehouse solutions. ICorp Security’s Gatehouse staff will ensure that only authorised people can access your office buildings or industrial sites. As part of our service, we train every team member extensively to ensure they have a clear understanding of your sites operational procedures and systems. To keep your security consistent and running efficiently, our gatehouse services can be extended to CCTV monitoring, access control systems and BMS systems.

Residential Estates

Our mobile patrol team can secure and patrol your gated community or retirement village to give residents added peace of mind.

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