Protecting Your buisness

Our team can maintain security and monitor risks in a wide range of environments and situations. We can provide a highly visible security presence for your car park, building site, school or hospital grounds. Every site is provided with a tailored solution utilising fixed guards and/or patrols to protect the site and identify and mitigate potential risks.

Business asset protection can help make your business or government more profitable and efficient by:

  • Reducing business and employee down times.
  • Protecting infrastructure.
  • Reducing vandalism to business property
  • Protecting your assets from theft.
  • Reducing your insurance premiums due to reduced risks and insurance claims


Protect your offices and industrial sites with our dedicated gatehouse solutions. ICorp Security’s Gatehouse staff will ensure that only authorised people can access your office buildings or industrial sites. As part of our service, we train every team member extensively to ensure they have a clear understanding of your sites operational procedures and systems. To keep your security consistent and running efficiently, our gatehouse services can be extended to CCTV monitoring, access control systems and BMS systems.

Retail Security

Protect your profits.

Our officers are employed by stores and shopping malls to protect their property, staff and customers, and to deter thieves and vandals. Our multi-skilled team can adapt quickly to the ever-changing retail environment. Our focus is on creating partnerships with owners, centre managers and retail tenants to make shopping and working in their centre/store as safe and pleasant as possible.

  • People shopping lifting 9% 9%
  • Employee theft accounts for 63% 63%
  • Stores affected by Organised Retail Crime 92% 92%

Tailored to you!

Our retail services include but are not limited:

  • Security patrols
  • Loss prevention
  • Contract management
  • Customer service
  • Conflict management and conflict resolution
  • Hazard detection and reporting
  • Risk detection and reporting
  • Crowd control

We can ensure your fire panel, air conditioning, CCTV and alarms are stringently monitored, and act as a liaison between centre management, tenants and police.