Crowd Control

Crowd Control Services around the state of Victoria

Effective crowd control is reliant on experienced, well trained professionals who understand the need for vigilance, preparation and visibility. This approach combined with a proactive risk minimisation strategy can help you ensure crowds are effectively managed at your next event.

ICorp Security have extensive experience managing crowds at Victorian events in and can work with you to ensure everything runs according to plan. All our security professionals are licensed by the Victoria Police and receive consistent training on the most effective crowd control techniques. Our team are handpicked for their strong interpersonal communication skills and commitment to client service.

Our Commitment

We are committed to building strong relationships with our  clients. We spend time getting to know your business so we can provide the right level of protection to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. 

Our strong relationships and great communication with our clients helps us to ensure every event runs smoothly with minimal disruptions.

 All our crowd controllers are RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certified to ensure people who have consumed alcohol are managed in the best possible way and disruptions to your event are minimised. Our team are trained to proactively engage with the attendees to monitor their sobriety and anticipate problems from patrons before they cause disruptions. All ICorp Security guards hold a current Working With Children Check Certificate (WWCC) which makes us well equipped to manage security at alcohol-free events or events targeting younger age groups.

Our Team is Here For You

Our guards are trained to provide excellent customer service. Our guard’s strong interpersonal communication skills promote positive interactions and responses to their advice and direction from patrons.

Our guards also understand that even risky individuals attending your event are valued, paying customers. We make every effort to communicate professionally and warn disruptive patrons about their behaviour before removing them from the premises.

Every event is different, and we work with our clients provide a tailored crowd control solution. Our aim is to ensure that our security protection is well matched to the specific requirements of the event. Our clients can choose a personalised level of security and interaction from our professional event security team. Depending on your event, clients can choose guards to match the style of the event. You can choose if you wish for guards to be uniformed or plain clothed. Our guards can dress in a smart suit, casually or in a crowd control vest, whatever your event requires.

ICorp Security have a strong focus on risk management. Our team are trained to proactively identify disruptive behaviours and threats so they can address them before they escalate. Even in complex security situations, this proactive approach allows events and functions to run smoothly.

Some of our key event and crowd control services include the below:

We can keep a close eye on the perimeter of your event, including the entries and exits. This will ensure that the right number of patrons enter the event, prevent minors from entering your event (if required) and ensure aggressive, disorderly or intoxicated patrons are not admitted.

Our team can keep a close eye on every person entering and exiting your event and stick to a strict guest list if required. In circumstances where minors are not permitted entry, we can ensure guests provide approved forms of identification proving their age.

There are times when patrons need to be removed from an event. Our team have extensive interpersonal training and will direct patrons to leave your event using a “walk and talk” approach. We discourage a heavy-handed approach and aggressive behaviour is not tolerated. Use of force is a last resort and will only be used if a patron is aggressive or endangering themselves and other people at the event.

Our team are trained and educated to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety regulations and procedures required at your event. We can provide an effective liaison with police, ambulance and emergency services and help protect the health and safety of your crowd. Every member of our team has Level 2 First Aid training to ensure we are prepared for unforeseen situations.

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