Innovation and Technology

As part of our commitment to continuous upskilling of our workforce and enhancing value added services for our clients, ICorp has adopted into our management system appropriate tools to help us achieve our high standards of service delivery.

Our workforce management security tool ensures that sensitive information is kept strictly confidential and secured through a central data housing system.

To monitor security operations, ICorp utilises TRACKTIK, a state-of-the-art, cloud-based security operations management platform. By utilising TRACKTIK as one centralised platform, a quicker response time in dealing with any risks identified on-site is achieved. Our clients will be provided with full access to data and analytics, allowing efficiency in the allocation of resources and the mitigation of risks, as well as complete transparency.

Some of the functions that can be managed through the platform include:

TRACKTIK has a feature that ensures our guards are where they need to be when they need to be.

Our Operations Team benefits from having access to a comprehensive platform that allows them to manage rostering at the touch of a button, giving us our point of difference in that our team is able to maintain a high rate of coverage – even in the remotest sites.


Real-time Visibility

Our key points of difference include transparency and accountability backed by solid infrastructure and measurable data. From GPS-tracked patrol vehicles, automated timesheets, personnel tracking, photo uploads and even online live viewing capability, our clients will have access to various tools that provide real-time visibility through mobile or computer devices.

We also utilise an automated system by TRACKTIK to manage our workforce administration, allowing us to manage all licensing and compliance checks with ease.

Our guards benefit from having access to TRACKTIK user-friendly platform that allows them to view their scheduled shifts, pick up open shifts published by their employer and view their availability and timesheets, enabling more efficient scheduling management.

Smart Technologies for Our Guards

When required, our guards are equipped with the latest innovations in security technology to help them perform their best. Devices such as Motorola VB400 body-worn cameras, facial recognition tablets and thermal tracker cameras help them quickly identify potential security hazards. If you are interested in adopting these smart technologies for your business, please contact us for a free consultation of our Electronic Security Solutions service.

By maintaining effective and reliable use of resources, our systems enable us to improve risk mitigation and business continuity, delivering confidence in our operations.