On the move

This is a cost-effective solution for clients that require periodic security checks of their home or business at predefined intervals. When our patrol team arrive at your premises, they will exit their vehicle and conduct a security check. The level of detail can range from a basic perimeter check to a thorough internal inspection. For many clients, mobile patrols are a more cost-effective option than hiring paid security guards at an hourly rate, especially after-hours.

We can work with you to determine an effective patrol schedule with the appropriate level of detail for your site.

Key areas of service for our mobile patrol teams are:

  • Construction sites.
  • Industrial premises including warehouses and factories.
  • Schools
  • Businesses, Shopping Malls, Commercial premises
  • Public Areas
  • Parks, grounds and carparks

What we do

A basic mobile patrol will check your property perimeters for signs of damage or un-authorised entry. A high security detail will enter your premises and undertake a detailed inspection. Your Mobile Patrol will conduct checks at prearranged times and leave stickers and calling cards in visible areas around your site to discourage potential vandals, intruders and thieves.

Our mobile patrols are made up of small groups of vehicle based fully licensed security guards. They have the tools and training needed to respond fast and effectively to potential security threats. Our Mobile Patrols constantly communicate information and updates to our clients in real time.