Private Event Security

Private Event Security around Melbourne

ICorp Security have the experience and expertise you need to provide protection for your next private function. Our tailored security services will ensure that your next Melbourne event runs smoothly, with minimal disruptions. Our clients can choose a level of visibility that suits their event including the choice of guard uniforms, crowd control vests, smart business attire or plain clothes.

ICorp Security is experienced at providing crowd control and security services for a range of events and private functions all over Melbourne. We consult extensively with our clients before every event to ensure that we have a thorough understanding of their security situation and requirements. This also helps to identify potential risks so they can be managed and mitigated at the event before they escalate.


Your reputation will be impacted by the success of your event!

We take pride in ensuring your event runs smoothly and your guests have a great time. We focus on risk management. Every guard at your event has been trained to vigilantly monitor the environment to ensure security risks, unwanted/intoxicated guests or inappropriate behaviour is dealt with appropriately before it escalates to disrupt your event.

Regardless of the noise levels and commotion, you can rest assured that our team will be proactively monitoring the environment for risks and potential disruptions. We utilise our crowd control and venue security experience to ensure your guests feel at ease and understand that the high standard of behaviour you expect at your event.

ICorp Security tailors our services to the specific requirements of each event. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Observation and monitoring of perimeters, entries and exits.

Our team will strictly monitor the perimeters, entries and exits to your event. We can make sure that only approved guests are granted entry to the event and ensure aggressive, disorderly or intoxicated guests are not admitted to your event.

  • Checking guests’ invitations and managing guest lists

We can keep a close eye on who is entering your event and stick to your strict guest list.

  • Coordinating and managing guests as they arrive at the event

Our team will ensure that guests enter your event efficiently and in an orderly manner.

  • Liaising and cooperating with relevant authorities as required, including emergency services like paramedics, police and fire services.
  • Implementing client instructions specific to the function/event and its security.

We strongly believe in the importance of providing great customer service at every event. This ensures that guests respond in a more positive manner to the advice they are given from our security team. We also acknowledge that at times, guests behaving in a disruptive or risky manner can be your valued clients. We make every effort to respectfully inform and warn these people about their behaviour before we remove them from your event.

Our event security team are trained to vigilantly monitor your event and effectively communicate to identify and respond to risks before they impact your event. Strong interpersonal skills ensure guests respond well to instructions from our team and we do not support heavy handed aggressive security techniques.

Every guard at your event is licensed by the Victorian Police and holds a current Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificate. RSA certifications ensure that our team have the right training to effectively manage guests who have consumed alcohol. We proactively engage with your guests to monitor their sobriety and anticipate any problems or disruptions before they occur.

Our staff also hold current WWCC (Working with Children Check) Certificates. This provides safety and protection for guests of all ages and makes us a great choice to provide security services for your next all ages, teenage or family function.

It is important for your security team to understand and comply with the Occupational Health and Safety requirements at your next event. ICorp Event Security professionals are trained to comply with your Occupational Health and Safety requirements. To protect the health and safety of every guest our every ICorp Security guard has Level 2 First Aid Training.

We want your guests to feel safe and have a great experience at your event, so you can count on us to ensure you receive the right level of protection. We can use our wealth of experience to provide outstanding security solutions to complement well-run Melbourne events of all sizes.

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