Security Guards

Security Guards around Melbourne Area.

When you are looking for quality security guard services in Melbourne, the most important factors to consider are skills, training and experience. Our outstanding guards in Melbourne will also hold extensive certifications and accreditations, with their licences meeting the standards enforced by the Victorian Police.


All ICorp Security guards have been picked for their experience and professionalism – they will satisfy the requirements outlined above, so you are assured of excellent service from a skilled, qualified security professional. We want to develop strong, long term relationships with every client by delivering exceptional security services and solutions to our clients in Melbourne.

ICorp Security provide an extensive consultation service for every client to ensure that we have a strong awareness of each client’s unique security situation. This enables us to select guards from our team with strengths to complement our client’s specific security requirements.

Our Melbourne professional security guards can deliver a consistently high level of protection in a range of situations and circumstances. We can adapt our guard service to suit the specific security requirements of every Melbourne based business, organisation, government department or individual.

As our client, we provide you with complete control over the visibility and extent of your security coverage. Our service is focused on risk management and minimisation, with constant monitoring and open communication of any emerging security situations or risks.

Our Melbourne guard services include (but are not limited to):

  • Security for construction sites and commercial premises.
  • Vehicle based mobile patrols.
  • Event and private function security and crowd control.
  • Grounds, parking lot and building security.
  • Static security guards.
  • Guard dogs and canine security/dog patrols.


Every guard employed by ICorp Security is licensed and accredited according the standards enforced by the Victorian Police. Well prepared, well trained guards are our key strength. Our handpicked guard team also hold:

  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) Certificates
  • Working With Children Check (WWCC) Certificates
  • Level 2 First Aid Training
  • Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Training

Our guards receive regular in-house training to:

  • Ensure they have the strong interpersonal communication skills required to deliver impeccable customer service to every client.
  • Utilise the latest security, crowd control and guard procedures.
  • Provide tailored service on specific security jobs.

Melbourne Grounds, Building and Facility Guard Services

Our team can maintain security and monitor risks in a wide range of environments and situations. We can provide a highly visible security presence for your car park, building site, school or hospital grounds. Every site is provided with a tailored solution utilising fixed guards and/or patrols to protect the site and identify and mitigate potential risks.

Our Security Guards for Your Occasion

We want to ensure your next function is a great success by providing you with a vigilant and responsive event security team. We use a combination of experience, skill and customer service to ensure your guests will have a great time at your next event. We will tailor our visibility and interactions to suit your event and preference – whether that’s a uniformed presence or smart attired plain clothes guards that blend in with the crowd.

Mobile Security Patrols (Melbourne)

This is a cost-effective solution for clients that require periodic security checks of their home or business at predefined intervals. Our vehicle-based patrol teams are made up of at least two guards who undertake regular security checks of client’s premises at prearranged times/intervals.

When our patrol team arrive at your premises, they will exit their vehicle and conduct a security check. The level of detail can range from a basic perimeter check to a thorough internal inspection. For many clients, mobile patrols are a more cost-effective option than hiring paid security guards at an hourly rate, especially after-hours.

Guard Dogs and Canine Security / Dog Patrols

Guard dogs and canine patrols are an effective security solution for high risk sites with complex security requirements. Dogs are a strong deterrent for intruders and can cover large spaces more effectively than human patrols. If you would like to know more about this option, contact us for a confidential consultation.

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