Electronic Security Solutions

Our electronic security solutions use the latest smart AI technology to enhance your security operations. Upon assessing your security needs, our highly trained team will recommend and customize the best security products to suit your unique requirements.

Smart Tech Hardware Devices

  • AI Cameras
  • Facial Recognition
  • Human Detection
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Special Purpose Deep Learning
  • FR/ Thermal Tablets
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  • Security Guards Wearable Devices
  • All-In-One Wearable (video, audio, panic button, safety alert)
  • Smart Glasses for Remote Monitoring / AI Enabled Applications
  • Smart Home IoT Devices
  • Smart Lock
  • Smart IoT for Home Automation
  • Health Diagnosis Device

Smart Tech Software / Applications

  • Smart Command Centre for Security Management
  • Security Incidents Management
    • Leverage AI Tech such as FR/HD/LPR

    • Integrate with Access Control / Alarm Systems (additional integrating changes)

    • Can integrate with 3rd party Dispatch Service Systems
  • Preventive Security Analysis
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Smart Tech Applications
  • Visitors/Contractors Management by FR
  • Real-time Face Tracking System for suspects/blacklisted persons
  • Smart Face Tracker
  • Smart Gate Management
  • Access Control by FR + Thermal Screening
  • High Security Areas Monitoring
  • Smart IoT Applications
  • Smart Office Applications
  • Smart Toilet Management for facility management
  • Smart Parking Solutions

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