Our People


Our Business Is People

We understand that great front-line security begins at our back-end.

Our management team develops ongoing induction procedures for our employees through comprehensive training policies which cover a broad range of topics including WHS, Incident Reporting, Conflict Resolution, Dealing with Violent Behaviours, Diffusing Difficult Situations, De-escalating techniques, Effective Communications and Staying Safe, among other site-specific inductions which are tailor-made to fit the specific requirements.

Our Workforce is equipped with powerful tools to complete their duties and ensure fast response is always conducted. Our people are supported with a 24/7 NOC which acts as the centre hub of connectivity and point of escalations to guide if any issues require attention.

Our systems have automatic compliance checks on all our employees certifications, accreditations and licenses carried out to ensure they remain up-to-date. Our digital platform allows us to carry this out seamlessly and without fail.

Our fatigue management policy is in-built throughout our operations which minimises employee burnout and creates a productive working environment. Conducting welfare checks visible through a live dash ensures our employees remain safe even when working remotely or alone.

Our employee enrichment program ensures longevity and loyalty, offering career paths, specialised training and promotional opportunities which in turn fosters a higher retention rate.

Great people make or break our business, so we take care to screen and hire only the best suited for the roles.

We conduct strict security and background screenings for all our employees. All personnel are also screened for impeccable presentation and required to wear readily identifiable ICorp uniforms including their security ID at all times.

Our workforce is our biggest asset and, as such, we make sure they are well looked after. ICorp is following the Security Services Industry Awards rate, ensuring our guards are appropriately remunerated for the hard work they deliver.