Our Story

Living in today’s new-normal, where disruptions to business models and organizational culture are taking place, brings with it new challenges.

To meet these challenges, and the constantly rising demands for security services during these unprecedented times, ICorp Security have transformed our approach from the traditional security services to providing innovative, all-encompassing service offerings that use current technology-based services with smart applications.

Our experience in adopting smart technologies across multifaceted industries allows us to provide our clients with the most modern and progressive analytics for all complex security setups, fostering confidence in our service delivery.

A ‘Direct Model’ for our service delivery ensures a hands-on approach is in place for everything we do.

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partial view of guard using metal detector

Our personnel are all direct recruits, never subcontracted.

Our 24/7 National Operations Centre (NOC) directly manages our operations, including for guards rostering and administration, as well as managing incidents and their escalations as required.

Our streamlined communications line simplifies the way we connect with all stakeholders, including with our Executive Management team. Through open communications, our personnel are able to be in direct communication with our Managing Director when dealing with urgent matters.

From our humble beginnings, ICorp has now grown to provide our range of services to clients in various sectors including retail, healthcare, commercial real estate, education, finance and construction, among others.

Our uncompromised commitment to providing modern, professional security services is backed by our team of experienced security professionals who come from various operational backgrounds to offer our clients a wealth of industry experience.

In addition to our home base in Victoria, we are now present in other states in Australia as well as in New Zealand. Our aim is to be a one-stop, nationwide solution, servicing all of Australia with hassle-free quality services for all your security requirements.

partial view of guard using metal detector


ICorp believes that conducting ethical business and nurturing quality relationships with all stakeholders would lead to business sustainability.

As a company, we highly value our relationships with all stakeholders whom we consider our family. This is the essence of our company’s philosophy, and the reason we always strive for the best. For a family, the successful delivery of outcomes always exceeds and far outweighs any monetary gains.

At a time when our industry is put in the spotlight, my vision is for ICorp to be the agent of change, delivering quality services through innovative solutions with integrity and good ethics.

Please feel free to reach out to me anytime.