Control Room Operators & Access Control Management

Control Room Operators

Supported by our Electronic Security Solutions division, we are able to offer state of the art control room monitoring services that combine advancements in technology with highly-trained personnel.

Monitoring of CCTV Cameras

Our trained Control Room Operators conduct daily system checks, monitor activities on-site via high-tech surveillance systems, control gates, doors, and other access points remotely.

Alarm Systems

Our Control Room Operators are trained on responding to intrusion alarms and instructing the security guards on the required actions.

Emergency & Communication Hub

Carrying the role as the central hub of communication in a case of emergency, our trained guards attend or assist with the management of incidents, including liaison with emergency service agencies, and prepare thorough reports. They also act as Chief Warden and Communications Officer, and take charge of incidents or emergencies in the absence of any person trained in these roles. On a day-to-day basis they are also trained to respond to incoming phone calls including emergency phone line, and liaise with the relevant emergency service agencies as required.

Intercoms/Duress/Integrated Systems

Our team are trained in the use of various security, access control and emergency alarm systems including Gallagher Command Centre, Fire Indicator Panel, VESDA system, internal paging system and two-way radio communication system, among others. Additional site specific inductions can be arranged as required.

Access Control Management

An effective and efficient Access Control Management system is key to the safety to your premises. Our trained guards are trained on performing Visitor Management functions, preventing unauthorised access as required, handling deliveries and ensuring proper checks are carried out, ensuring access control policy on site are followed through and logs are properly recorded.