Uniformed Guards

Professional looking with great communication skills, our uniformed guards help create a safe environment that provides maximum yet friendly security. Site patrols are conducted at random intervals, using NFC/QR coded signages placed at strategic locations, and reports are lodged with photos into our system for real time live viewing by clients.

Site Specific Security Services

We understand that there is no one-fit-all template that would suit all business environments and, as such, we offer site-specific security services where a tailor-made plan is developed to meet the unique requirements of the particular site. We ensure that all guards assigned to the site have the qualifications and certifications and undergo the proper inductions/training required for the site.

Covert & Loss Prevention Officers

Working discreetly among unsuspecting customers or staff, our Loss Prevention & Covert Security team keeps a vigilant eye on any suspicious behaviours to protect your retail space or business.

Greeting customers, preventing store damage/vandalism, dealing with abusive customers, attempted thefts, assault, suspicious behaviors, intoxicated/drug-affected people and other safety hazards. Following house rules in conducting bag checks, known POI/blacklisted persons, lost & found, and liaising with police/fire brigade/ambulance on-site in case of emergency.

Gatehouse & Logistics Security

Supported by our Electronic Security Solutions division, we can offer a comprehensive gatehouse and logistics security solution to include facial recognition technology and other technologies to provide you with the most efficient visitors and contractors management system.

Retail Security

At shopping centres and retail stores, our guards protect property, staff and customers to deter thieves and vandals. Our multi-skilled team adapt quickly to the ever-changing retail environment, including at malls and arcades.

We also have Loss Prevention & Covert Security team who work discreetly among unsuspecting customers or staff. They keep a vigilant eye on any suspicious behaviours to protect your retail space or business.

Education Facilities / Campus Security

We understand the importance of having an integrated approach in managing security at educational facilities. Our well-trained security officers conduct regular patrols on foot and by vehicle to ensure all perimeters are secure, monitor CCTV cameras to deter any suspicious activities, and attend to calls for assistance. A tailor-made, live incident reporting system can be designed to suit the specific needs of each campus to ensure that the safety of students, teachers/lecturers and staff is always maintained at all times.

Hospital & Health Facilities Security

More than ever, maintaining security within the hospital and health facilities is a challenging task that requires skilled personnel to deal with delicate situations. Our personnel are trained to provide customer service functions, provide assistance to staff/visitors, escort patients and anticipate abusive behaviors while maintaining a strong security presence.
loss & prevent

Covert And Loss Prevention

Working discreetly among unsuspecting customers or staff, our Loss Prevention & Covert Security team can assist you to retain your shrinkage goals through the detection of shop stealing offences. Trained to detect and apprehend persons suspected of stealing, our team help prevent theft offences through covert observations. They are also equipped with the appropriate knowledge on the definition of laws, points to prove and procedures, ensuring that safety is always a priority.


Asset Protection

With years of experience in asset protection, we have a range of proven asset protection methods, highlighting the best workable and cost-effective solutions, to ensure client’s employees and business interests are secured.

The versatility of our asset protection services makes it ideal for a variety of settings including in construction sites, for pre event logistics, or during a certain period of high threat/risks.