VIP Security

Close Personal Protection (CPP)

Equipped with smart technologies such as AI analysis, our CPP team are trained to deal with challenging situations. Working closely with you to conduct site visits as well as risk and threat assessments, we develop and customise a tailored plan to best suit your requirements.

Typical Duties:
Servicing discerning clients/High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), providing elite protection to, VIP/celebrity escort or other high-risk situations, risk management consultation, strategic deployment as well as 24/7 human and
asset protection.

Personnel Special Escorts

Easily adaptable to the specific needs of all types of users, our experienced special escorts personnel are fully licensed and trained to make quick decisions on duty and to respond to a high-risk situation most efficiently and professionally.

Typical Duties:
In depth knowledge of details of protected personnel, inspect vehicles to ensure harmful/suspicious items are not kept inside, ensure only authorized people are involved in guarding, always ready and alert to overcome potential threats, keep updates with the supervisor and control room and if needed provide first aid.